Hey guys, just wondering if anybody knew why Mobile Fidelity skipped Maladroit when doing their recent pressings of Weezer albums.  I already have their pressings of Blue and Pinkerton (great BTW) and would love to have Maladroit as well!  It seems odd to me that they did the Lion and the Witch EP, but not Maladroit.  Sorry if this has already been talked about on the forum before!

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I'm pissed about this. They need to make it.

Yeah it was strange that it was skipped, makes me feel uneasy.....suspicious.......

Not enough people care about Maladroit despite it being one of the most "Weezer-y" albums they've put out. :/

I love Maladroit. Love. It. Just wanted this on the record, so to speak.

Yeah!  One of their best!!!  I'd love a nice MoFi edition of Maladroit and really hope they revisit it.  

not saying i'm against it, but i'd much rather have Death To False Metal finally released on vinyl....same with Alone 2.

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