Maladroit is weezer's best since pinkerton and possibly their best sound ever!

I know there is probably already a discussion on maladroit somewhere but i couldn't find it. I listen to weezer all the time, especially lately because im suping my self up for the memories concert. I was just listening to maladroit and damn, it is good! Now before you jump down my throat I would probably always consider blue and pinkerton their best work. But i must admit, I think the sound of maladroit is amazing. If your anything like me you want to hear more rocking out by weezer, and i have to say i think maladroit has the most of that. I mean after all rivers is a metal head at heart and wants to shred and what not. Im not saying that these songs are their best songs or its their best album but it deserves alot of credit. I don't think weezer ever got the credit they deserved for this album.

I think by this point in their career they had really learned how to have fun on their instruments and make it work with a song. Its almost like a huge jam session, I love it!

(and this is just my opinion)

any thoughts? 


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Maladroit was good but i think hurley was there best album since the 90's. It was their most real sound since they let there old record company. It was as weezery as it will get. I like there semi newer sound. As i was listening to the album i actually felt i was listening to re-blue album and i think that may have been their goal.
I think Red's their best since Blue/Pinkerton. It's so experimental, i love it.

Red, despite it's inconsistencies, is the only era this side of 2000 that Weezer have sounded like Weezer. The Angel and the One, Miss Sweeney, The Spider and Pig violently slays anything on the Post-Pink albums that come before and after. And at least songs like The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Dreamin' and Pork and Beans feature some classic Cuomoisms and sound pretty great for it. 

Arguably the best songs from Hurley and Rad like Unspoken, Trippin' Down the Freeway, I Don't Want to Let You Go and Run Over By a Truck were written in the Red era, which only furthers my love for it.

lol @ Hurley being a better album than Maladroit.

also, lol @ the red album even existing.

Mala era was really good

and i like the songs weren't included in the album more than Maladroit's tracks

I think that Maladroit is the best album since Pinkerton too but Make Believe runs up pretty close to it. I think the thing that makes Maladroit so good is that it sounds more like Pinkerton but the song topics are more Blue like. Maladroit was my favorite album when I first heard Weezer but then I heard more of Blue and Pinkerton and I fell in love with those.
Songs that weren't included on the album are better than most of the album, sandwiches time.. broken arrows.. cygnus X1.. your room.. listen up.. living without you.. zep jamb.. mr taxman..

I think, unfortunately, for every album besides blue and pink the b-sides and early album demos were better than the albums themselves. Something that made b+p so great were the b-sides. THEY WERE AMAZING! and just as good as the album tracks. Yet those albums were so perfectly realized they were somehow better than the sum of their parts, one hell of an accomplishment indeed. Ever since the Pink fallout though, Rivers has a had a tough time with his his own musical insecurities. As Brain said, Cuomo has a tough time judging his own material. B-sides like always were better than most of green. early jams like cygnus are better than lots of mala. early album 5 acoustic stuff like private message is better than lots of make believe, and so on.


I think red is the greatest example in recent memory, because it was SO CLOSE to being perfect! With green, mala and make believe; SS2K, the early mala sound (from demos and shows like reverb) and the fallen soldiers clearly captured what Cuomo was going for with those albums better than the albums did themselves. But with Red, we got experimental stuff like greatest man on the album. yet, we also got... lesser tracks. Who wasn't excited about the other band members pitching in? Who wasn't pumped after early album leaks like pig?! and who wans't at least somewhat let down by the end result of that album. and of coarse there is the immense travesty of tracks like pig and spider not making the album. These tracks were fully recorded, mixed and mastered. they were ALBUM READY! Just by swapping the tracks around a little bit, red could have been THE DEFINITIVE MOMENT in weezer's carrer! instead it fell prey to Cuomo's fear of commercial acceptability which appears to have somewhat crippled every album after pinkerton (which was instead driven by the desire to prove himself as an artist, resulting in a perfect album!)


Even raditude has some hope! as much as everyone seems to hate it, even it has a masterpiece buried inside of it. It could have been an awesome Homie style album, instead it was.... raditude....

While I agree Maladroit is amazing and pretty under rated, I think Red is the best one since Pink. It just sounds so comfortable and confident, as if they'd achieved a perfect balance in what they were doing. Sure there were a couple of weak tracks, but they were experimental, and the tracks that were good were amazing.
lol @ 'Zep' being better than most (or any) of Maladroit

MrFrenchDog said:
Songs that weren't included on the album are better than most of the album, ...zep jamb..
Maladroit to me is a 26 song album.  I just listen to all the demos with the studio recordings.  My favorite weezer album, more-so than Pinkerton.

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