I feel like they're both ridiculously underrated.

What are your thoughts on them? Favorite/Least Favorite songs?

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I love them! Make Believe actually ranks as my third favorite album. I think MB is immediately bashed because of it's singles. But every song on that album except Beverly Hills and WAOOD is killer,
Maladroit is also a great album, but there are three tracks that are kinda eh.

Maladroit fav: Take Control
Make Believe fav: Perfect Situation/Haunt You Every Day
I feel like Maladroit isn't as underrated as Make Believe is, and that's mostly because of Beverly Hills. I actually like Beverly Hills, because despite my resentment for it's mainstream-ness, it's funny. Make Believe is up there on my list, and Maladroit is solid.
Maladroit Favorite:Keep Fishin'
Make Believe Favorite: Peace

Regarding 'droit, I love D+D, Slob, and Burndt Jamb. The single version of Keep Fishin' is awesome. The guitar and drum fills in Fall Together and December are great. The melody of Slave is still one of my favs. And the solos in Dope Nose, Take Control, and Love Explosion are some good stuff. But I think there's just too much filler here, and a lot of shallowness in the lyrics. I was there on .com and the RCB when Rivers (at probably his most egotistical) was full on interacting with boardies, referring to OID as "disneygay", his fans as "little b******", and talking about his love for limp bizkit. A really interesting but overall toxic time to be a fan.


But getting back to the tracks: Slave was, in my opinion, butchered when compared to the original demo. There are 2 acoustic covers floating around that really highlight that wonderful melody. The "back off baby i'm a loner" bit in American Gigalo is something I enjoy but ultimately it's just not a song I think that should have made the final cut. Same goes for Take Control, Space Rock, Possibilities, and Love Explosion. There are a lot of songs from this era that come to mind that had they made the cut, would have made this a really great album ( So Low, We Go Together, Faith in the Light, Sandwiches Time, Broken Arrows, Saturday Night, Listen Up, High Up Above, Cygnus X-1, The Dawn, and Living Without You - although this was actually recorded but only released as an international bonus track).


Make Believe remains probably my 3rd fav album overall, shuffling with Red Deluxe and Hurley on occasion. And while I agree that there are some complete misfires (My Best Friend, We Are All On Drugs) there's a lot to enjoy out of this album. Pardon Me and Peace (despite some cringe-worthy lyrical choices) are sadly hated on despite showing some genuine sentiment from Rivers (really love the drums in Peace and the Pardon Me's solo is a highlight albeit a short one - man I wish this one had been stretched out more). PS, TISAP, Hold Me, and The Other Way are all classics in my book. Damage's lyrics are very nicely written. Haunt You Every Day's outro stands out. And Beverly Hills, although not a favorite, is a fun listen and was a good choice as the lead in single in terms of mainstream recognition.


Like Maladroit, this album could have benefited with better track listing (Blowin' My Stack, I Can Love, Love is the Answer-original version, I Don't Want Your Loving, and a lot of the album 5 demos like Private Message, Mad Kow, Prodigy Lover, The Victor, She Who Is Militant -although this eventually became TISAP, The Organ Player, Story of My Life, Everybody Wants A Chance To Feel All Alone) and much much better production. But overall it's definitely an underrated album and is definitely not deserving of Pitchfork's sorry excuse of a review and score.

Make Believe is a personal favorite of mine. I was convinced they were singing directly to me. Maladroit is awesome. I love the meaningless lyrics on Dope Nose. I'm not to fond of American Gigalo, but can deal with it. The rest of the album I will listen to all the way through without touching the CD player.

Dude, make believe was kind of bogus. Just not the cool Weezer rock. On the other hand, Maladriot was pretty good. Slob, American Gigolo, Keep Fishn', Burdnt Jamb, Dope Nose, good stuff!
I like make believe. And maladroit is better. They are a tad underrated. Yeah. 

Maladroit is my absolute favorite Weezer album.  There isn't a song on there that I don't like.


Make Believe has my 2nd favorite Weezer song (Perfect Situation) but also has a lot of filler.


Favorite Maladroit tracks: American Gigolo, Dope Nose, Keep Fishin', December, and Burndt Jamb


Favorite Make Believe tracks: Perfect Situation and Haunt You Every Day

Maladroit is the most underrated weezer album, nuff said.

Make Believe gets the least amount of playtime on my iTunes than any other Weezer material. I really dig Perfect Situation, The Other Way and Haunt You Everyday,(Freak Me Out's not bad either) but the rest of the album is fairly bland. I don't hate any Weezer album, but this one I really really have a hard time listening to all the way through.


Maladroit on the other hand, is awesome. Everything in the instrumentals(especially the solos) are awesome. There are a lot of great anthem choruses. What brings this album down are the lyrics. Ironically, their actually pretty personal (which everyone wanted), but in a very bland and poorly written way. There are also a few poor tracks (Space Rock, Possibilities) and the album version of Fishin sucks compared to the single. Better written lyrics, drop Space Rock and Possibilities and put the single version of Fishin and this could have been Weezer's third classic.


Michael Barrios said:

MB is immediately bashed because of it's singles. But every song on that album except Beverly Hills and WAOOD is killer

Yes! They definitely are ridiculously underrated!  Especially Make Believe.  I absolutely love Make Believe!  I would place Make Believe just under Blue and Pinkerton in terms of how much I like it.  Yes Beverly Hills is a bad song.  But honestly once you get past that, Make Believe is a very good album.  I don't mind other peoples' opinions about it, but I will always defend that album.  But I'll never understand why most people list it as the worst album.  Maladroit is another beast of an album.  It was a great lift from the abysmal Green Album, and while Maladroit is probably my 5th favorite album, I still enjoy it a lot.  One flaw I've noticed over the years is that the album is very inconsistent.  It feels more like a bunch songs they threw together that just happened to be on the same disc, rather than an actual complete album.  But mostly good songs nonetheless.  Both albums are very underrated.  And Damage in Your Heart just happens to be one of my favorite Weezer songs from any album!

Maladroit Favorites: Keep Fishin, Fall Together, Love Explosion

Make Believe Favorites: Damage In Your Heart, Haunt You Everyday, This Is Such A Pity, We Are All On Drugs

Make Believe is horribly underrated, its so amazing. My Fav is perfect situation, its such a perfect song.

Maladroit, yeah its under rated but ill live, its not my fav, but its definetyl not worthy of scorn. Fav is Keep Fishin for its music video :)

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