Hey All,,,

  So I got bored one day and was going through photos from the concert in Chicago here a few weeks ago.  I have always loved their symbol and at the concert, the gal I was with commented how cool it would be to have the =W= in our home... Well I made a miniature =W=.  Just wanted to see what some of ya think??  Has anyone else done anything like this??  Weezer rocks and cant wait for the next time they come through Chicago...



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That's pretty awesome
I'd be stoked if you'd share how you constructed it, as I've been thinking of making one for the corner of our garage where my son has set up his version of "the garage". It'll go well with his little Strat copy that he stickered up so "it will look like Rivers' guitar."
That's pretty cool. Next stop, full size!
That's sweet! How'd you do it?
Thanks Everyone!! :)  Its not that bad actually.. I experimented on a few different things but settled on a piece of hardboard that I had in the garage.  I drew the W on the board by free hand.  Used my jigsaw to cut it out, sandpaper to soften out the edges and the surface.  Primed it and then painted it white.  Figured the best spacing for the lights, marked it, drilled them out. Outlined the W with black paint. Then used a set of clear christmas lights that I had yet to put away, installed them into the holes with some light epoxy and there you go!!  If you add up all the time I think it was roughly 5 hours of work..
That's brilliant!
Great job. Now I want one!
Thanks!! Well get on it and make one...

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