Hi guys,


I've been a long-time Weezer fan, all the way back since I bought the blue album when I was in high school!


My friend and I have been writing some songs and just started doing our first gigs, but we're not sure if what we're doing is any good or not. So I was wondering if I could please get some comments on a song we recorded? We recorded it in my bedroom but my vocal mic is a bit...rubbish lol! Is it any good? Is it really bad?



Thanks, it really helps me as we're just starting out :)

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The vocal mic has a cool sound to it. Sometimes having lesser quality mics gives you a sound worth keeping.


The rest of it? pretty bad. The tuning almost hurts to listen to. The sound of the bass is pretty corny. Lyrics are meh. Vocals are weak. So here's what you should work on.


Tune with a good tuner before recording. Get some new effects or screw with the tone of your bass. The guitar solo needs a lot of work. It's very high school guitar sounding. Part of it is because of the sound (see bass advice) and the other part is the actual choice of notes is bland.


Finally the vocals: Sing out. Don't be afraid of what your voice sounds like, even if you don't like it. If you sing out, you'll be louder, use more of your natural timbre, and many people with mistake that for you sounding "soulful" or "powerful."

the tuning is terrible and you really need to belt out the lyrics.


There needs to be a better transition into the guitar solo.  I don't like the pause...which makes it sound highschool-ish to me. I like the actual solo.  I don't find it drab like Chombey did, but that's just personal opinion.


Overall, the song is fun and upbeat, with a good chord progression.

Thanks for the replies guys, its really helpful.


I think what you're saying is that the song is pretty good but the production is cheap, nasty and it stinks too? :P

I think what was said was, tune your guitars and sing louder
I think you guys a huge potential! Keep it up, and use the advice given! You will be awesome!
I'm not a singer that's clear. I need a singer. Anyone know a singer living in Woking, England? :P
dude, you sounded fine.  just belt it out and it'll sound even better
Do not belt. That's horrible vocal technique. Just sing out. Breath more and do some research about to how support. I'd tell you myself, but I'd need to see how you sing to tell you what to do.

Thanks for all the help guys!. I've found some exercise techniques online so fingers crossed!


Is this any better?


Hey man cool song, keep up the good work. Don't be afraid to sing it louder, you don't have to be a great singer to sound good, just believe in yourself!

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