I saw JinxJazz's thread and realised I had quite a few that weren't Weezer. So I made this.

Kaiser Chiefs - Heard It Break: "I could've sworn that I heard it ring but I set it to vibrate" (Seriously, this is such a ringtone-y song.)

The Roy Clark Method - Mr. Vacuum Cleaner: "Saw my X-Box yesterday..." (I advise that you try not to watch the video...)

What are your non-Weezer, non-awkward lyric substitutions?

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i think this only works if people know the original lyrics.

That's sort of why I posted the songs. You don't have to listen that far in anyway..

ya not interested

Okay shut up

I'm so glad you're back. 

i don't think you understand the premise of the original thread.

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