Hey peeps!

I need love songs. Like slow... deep lyrics... amazingly beautiful... love song that would imply "Hey... I think I'm in love with you." (and no, not "I think I love you... so what am I so afraid of?" I tried that on Scott C. and it didn't work. LOL I was jk though)

Thanks in advance :)

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so....who are you trying to seduce?

Wow, thanks!

I'm not trying to SEDUCE anyone. Just trying to listen to music to ease my mind. :)

She's trying to seduce Berry, clearly.

it's working

on a side note, is there some weird embedding thing going on in this thread?

G Foo Chombey said:

She's trying to seduce Berry, clearly.

I said LOVE not LUST haha

hintofcoolness said:

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