I am looking into buying a synth but don't know much about them yet. Does anyone know what a good synth would be that would be able to get sounds from songs such as, "This Is Such A Pitty" and "Tired of Sex", as well "Friends of P" by The Rentals. 



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During Pinkerton, weezer used an electrocomp 101 monophonic synthesizer that rivers bought at either a pawn shop of music shop in CT and I'm pretty sure the rentals used some kind of moog synth. I don't know what was used for this is such a pity. I don't know much about synths either; I just know the kinds they used. 

moog is def the way to go for that retro sound. in general though, you can kind of get whatever sound you want out of a synth (that's the point right!). you can buy a synth keyboard, synth guitar, or just download a synth software and synth pads for your computer, whatever you are most comfortable with. My suggestion would be look up the top ten list for synthesizers from a year ago or so. You can find those synths on the cheap, and they are all of amazing quality. For a custom sound, i recomend  getting one on your computer, or at least getting a midi hookup and software to manipulate any physcial synth you get, cause then you can modify the sound coming out to get exactly what you want.


They used a cheap Casio on This Is Such a Pity as they felt it fit the song better than a Moog and other expensive gear, so note that price doesn't necessarily equal quality, as with any instrument purchase, suss out the gear in the context of what you're going to be playing.
I'd suggest a microKorg.  It makes lots of great noises.  If you want to be like Animal Collective, and use algorithms, get a microKorg XL.
Korg synths are very good, but so are Moogs.

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