this is me! you guys gave me a lei and talked to me and my boyfriend about the Weezer Cruise! =] I fear that the Tsunami might have destroyed the buisness cards I gave you guys and you were cool people and I might go on the cruise so I would like to get to know yall better. =]

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Hi Adriana! I am the person who brought the leis. :)  So good to see you again (saw you at the Chicago microsoft show).  Wasn't that a crazy awesome experience last night?!  Hope you can come on the cruise!!

I'm trying in asking my family for money and I'm going to try my hardest to save my checks from work. I might need to find a roommate or a few because i don't think I can afford the single rate lol

Of course it was Lisa!

Gohi said:

Of course it was Lisa!

Of course it was! :D

I take it your friendly :) haha (well yea you are haha) guys i think I'll be able to go on the cruise. Ima be super positive about this and make it happen

Yes I am.
Oh, you meant Lisa.
Me too.

Let's be friends as I walk away

I think that's a link to me playing the intro to Undone. I just picked up guitar 2 weeks ago or so. I learnt this via tabs. Add me as a fb friend and judge me. Judge me harshly

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