Hey everyone!

I currently have one other person to share a cabin with on the cruise, but would really like to stay in a triple or quad cabin!

Is there anyone couples or singles wanting join a room?

Thanks! Xxx

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I'm interested if you guys would be okay with me as the fourth roommate. (And I'm female).

Timea and Sophie, are you looking for the cheapest cabin or something on the higher end? I'm trying to keep this as inexpensive as possible. :)

Well, I'm not looking for anything on the high end. I wouldn't mind keeping it inexpensive as well. :)

The same for us
Well, who's ready to book? :)

I'm pretty much ready. :) I just have to figure out practical details like how I'm getting from Miami to Jacksonville. How are you guys getting there?

we are ready too !! just a reminder for "just me" who asked earlier for an "all female room", i'm coming with a very good friend who is a boy, is it still ok for you ? i hope there is no problem with that. 

about the travel, well, we're coming from France especially for the weezer cruise, so we are coming by plane to jacksonville :) 

hi girls, after a talk with my friend, we think we're going to book now for a two finaly.. thanks anyway for your answers, good luck and see you there !

Sophie: What a pity that the four of us couldn't share a cabin. Have fun on the cruise, maybe we'll meet there.

Just Me: So, what do you want to do? Still hoping to find enough people to fill a quad?

Yes i know but we thought it was easier to do this way, Just Me seems to really want an all female room and we didnt want to wait more.. Hope to see you there anyway !
Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Sophie, all female was the preference, but it wasn't mandatory. Timea, I can't really afford the double, which is why I didn't so the match program. :( Have a blast on the cruise, though! Doesn't look like I'll be making it this time either.
Timea, maybe Samantha Steigerwaldt still needs roommates?

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