Hey everyone!

I currently have one other person to share a cabin with on the cruise, but would really like to stay in a triple or quad cabin!

Is there anyone couples or singles wanting join a room?

Thanks! Xxx

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Seems like everything is getting more expensive! Last time I looked at the match program, it was $849. Thanks for the update, Brian.

Seems like there is a 19 year old guy looking for a room mate, according to the Weezer Cruise Shipmates group on facebook.

Any word from him about joining the three of us (JustMe, Timea, and myself)?

I would like to make reservations no later than Saturday April 27th. JustMe, I think it would be awesome to have the quad and drive down the price, but I'm getting worried about the ship filling up, especially the lower priced options. Right now it is $150 more for the triple than the double booking, if we can't get a definite answer from the other guy, do you want to go ahead and go as a triple?

I hope I'm not coming across as pushy. Lets make Saturday (4/27) the drop dead date and hopefully everything will work out in everyone's best interest. If y'all hear anything, share it. Enjoy the day.


I haven't actually asked him since someone else wrote on his behalf and I didn't want to ask before checking with you guys (Just Me and Brian) if it's okay. But honestly, I don't think there is a better chance of getting a quad. So what do you say? Before someone else snatches him. and we're three again. Should I go ahead and ask or will you do the talking Just Me (since it's your post the question was asked on)?

I'm totally with you on this one Brian. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to sound pushy or anything either but I'd really like to make the reservations as soon as possible. I'm in, no matter the constellation.

If we can get this party going with a quad, then let's do it!! My name is Crystal Ivey, and according to Rose tours, whoever reserves first just has to add everyone else as a roommate. But we have to make sure we each have our own credit card on file so they can charge us all separately. Haven't heard back from Dina Knobel on Weezer cruise shipmates yet.

Sounds great!! Hope the guy will accept sharing a quad with us. Then we can all go ahead and make our reservations. :)

Great, lets all cross our fingers and hope the quad works out!

Thank you for the news on each person paying - I've been wondering about how it would work out.

Some not so good news, guys:  I might not be able to make the cruise.  Trying to work everything out for booking tomorrow, but not sure it's going to happen.  I don't have all of the information from Dina Knobel yet regarding the other roommate, but I gave her both of your names and a link to the forum here.  Hopefully she will contact you tonight.  I did tell her you wanted to book tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll still be able to make it a quad, I will let you know tomorrow morning so it doesn't delay you any longer in making your reservations.  I missed the first one, so I definitely want to do everything I can to make this one.  Thanks for being patient!

Sorry to hear that you might not be able to make the cruise. Still hoping that you're coming with some good news today though. :)

Well, it looks like it's just going to be the two of you.  I was so hoping to make this work, but it's just not going to happen.   I haven't heard back from Dina yet, and I don't want to hold you guys up any longer.  Have fun and post lots of pictures!  

Hey Crystal - I hope you find me people to join. Timea and I already have reservations as of Sunday. Good luck. Hope to meet you on the cruise.

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