Hey everyone!

I currently have one other person to share a cabin with on the cruise, but would really like to stay in a triple or quad cabin!

Is there anyone couples or singles wanting join a room?

Thanks! Xxx

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Just Me I'm really sorry to hear that you won't be able to make it. I'll keep on looking around to see if anyone still needs roommates, but somehow I doubt it. :( Take care!

Hey everyone. I'm determined to go on the cruise, I've given my friend an ultimatum about if he is going to go - so I may be in need of a room mate(s). I should know 100% within the week.
Ok. I officially need a room mate. My friend can't go. Anyone interested?

Good luck.  Check out the weezer cruisemates facebook page.  That seems to be more active than this place

Brian Beasley said:

Ok. I officially need a room mate. My friend can't go. Anyone interested?
I've tried both the FB cruise mates page and this forum. Haven't had too much success yet. Need a quad to be able to go! Still hoping! :)

I first tried the FB Weezer Cruise shipmates group and I was recommended to try this forum. I even started a new discussion topic regarding this here and no one replied. I'm running out of ideas on how to find roommates. :(

But I'm interested, so that makes us one person away from a quad. So I'm also still hoping.

JustMe, would you be willing to do the triple option?
I wish I could, but they are right about the same cost as the match program. (At least what they are showing as available to me.)

Just Me: if you were the one who posted about shipmates in the FB Weezer Cruise shipmates group, it was a good initiative. :) Too bad no one has replied yet. Don't really know what else we can do? Wait and hope? 

Wouldn't any of the triple options that cost between 699 - 799 work for you Just Me? It is cheaper than the cheaper alternative of the match program, isn't it? Or have I misunderstood the prices?

The only triple availability I show when actually making a reservation is the $799. It's only about $50 less than the match program. For a quad I show $649. $150 - $200 makes a big difference for me. :)
And yes, I did post AGAIN in the shipmates group on FB. :)
You are right about the price difference. The reservation page doesn't line up with the prices quoted on the main pricing page. It looks like the main pricing page needs to be updated - even though it's suppose to be inventory that is currently available.

It looks like the match program starts at $899 currently.

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