Hey everyone!

I currently have one other person to share a cabin with on the cruise, but would really like to stay in a triple or quad cabin!

Is there anyone couples or singles wanting join a room?

Thanks! Xxx

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I might be interested, trying to find people I know willing to go because I too do not want to do the single pricing lol.

I am totally interested! My boyfriend and I are looking for two more people to share a room with! 

Awesome! Thanks for the replies! As I said there is another guy staying with me that I've already organised, I'd be happy to join either of you (more the quad though because its cheaper) would you like to inbox me?
Well Katie sounds like a better fit since you'll get the quad. Ill find people! Lol

hi everyone ! we are 2 friends (a boy and a girl) from France, we are planning to do this 2nd weezer cruise because we think life is too short to let this happen without us.. 

we're looking for 2 roomates to share a quad cabin, is there anyone interest ?

thanks !  

Hello fellow Weezer fans!
So far its just me and I am looking for roommates also so let me know if any takers :) Samantha

Mark Daniel and Samantha, seems you are by your own so maybe we can take a quad cabin together with my friend ? 

Hello Sophie,
Thanks for the invite but I just found out that I have a friend who is considering going so I better hold off incase I need a spot for 2. Thanks though and good luck :)
Looking for a roommate for the Weezer Cruise, too. Prefer an all female room, though. Anybody still looking? :)

Hey, I'm also looking for roommates for the Weezer cruise. Is anyone still looking? 

I'm still looking. Was hoping to get a quad going, but not many people looking for a roommate, I guess.
We are still looking too. We are two and we hoping to get a quad too ! Anyone with us ?

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