I know there are more great bands out there than just Weezer.
I can't seem to find them
Every review site I go to they have a top 50 list of indie rock songs that all sound exactly alike in style. Every band I like has their own style, but with it, they're not overproduced and are all in great quality.

Wanted: Bands that are as great live as they are in the studio.


For reference on my preference, ten bands I like in no particular order: System of a Down, Pixies, Nirvana, Metallica, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers...I can't even name 10 without adding classic rock bands.

I know these are all popular mainstream bands, but they all were able to develop their own style without a record company's help.


I'm not genre specific on what kind of rock.  Just as long as one band's music sounds good and like nobody else's.


So, are there any popular bands out there that fits my preference that I should be paying attention to, or any indie rock bands who have the potential to be the next great band?


Disclaimer: I'm not saying that whatever bands that I dislike suck.  I'm saying they do not fit my preference.


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Edit: Decided to make this easier for those who choose to reply.  I'd appreciate those with suggestions would first reply by typing.


Name Of Band

Notable Songs


And, please, don't literally type the above bold words. lol

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I mainly made this discussion to see if anyone would read this, understand what my preference is, and then make suggestions.  Thanks for the suggestion, nevertheless. :)

Brofessefef said:


You should look at Berry's 'now playing... with pictures!' thread.  Plenty to choose from.

The only way you're going to find other bands you like is to listen to lots of music. I'd take Brof's advice and check out Berry's thread. I found a lot of great new music there.
Justin Bieber - Never Say Never
The Broken Bride EP

About a man going back in time to save his wife from a car accident.Pretty amazing stuff.
Ruto is this awesome up and coming band, you should check them out
i agree

suz{ANNE} said:
The only way you're going to find other bands you like is to listen to lots of music. I'd take Brof's advice and check out Berry's thread. I found a lot of great new music there.

Try Pandora Radio.....

it picks songs for you based on what you like ...personalized internet radio.... 

The Killers
Notable songs: mr brightside, When you Were Young, Read My Mind, For Reasons Unknown, Spaceman, Human, Dustland Fairytale, Losing Touch
Brandon Flowers
Notable songs: Only The Young, Crossfire, Magdalena
Big Talk
notable songs: Replica, Katzenjammer, The Next One living, Getaways
Better Than Ezra
Noteable songs: Sincerly Me, Desperatly Wanting, Extra Ordinary, Lifetime, Finest Year, Absolutly Still, Hell No
Imagine Dragons
notable songs: all 18 of them lol

Ozma - Baseball, Shooting Stars, The Landing of Yuri Gargain, Immigration song, Gameover, No One Needs to Know


look no further than Ozma if you want a band that sounds similar to weezer.  River's has even said that this band does what he does, but better.


Another option, go to Pitchfork.com, find the bands with the WORST reviews, and then listen to them.  No joke, all my favorite bands are hated on by Pitchfork.  Kind of like Roger Ebert and Movies.  The ones he hates are the ones I love.

Young the Giant (previously known as The Jakes) -







As a side note, I can't believe that second video has over a million hits! I've been following Young the Giant (then The Jakes) for about two years now and it's insane to see them transform from a band which had under 100 likes on facebook to a band that's now apparently getting television spots and regular radio play. It's great to see fantastic bands get the recognition/big break they deserve!

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