I know there are more great bands out there than just Weezer.
I can't seem to find them
Every review site I go to they have a top 50 list of indie rock songs that all sound exactly alike in style. Every band I like has their own style, but with it, they're not overproduced and are all in great quality.

Wanted: Bands that are as great live as they are in the studio.


For reference on my preference, ten bands I like in no particular order: System of a Down, Pixies, Nirvana, Metallica, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers...I can't even name 10 without adding classic rock bands.

I know these are all popular mainstream bands, but they all were able to develop their own style without a record company's help.


I'm not genre specific on what kind of rock.  Just as long as one band's music sounds good and like nobody else's.


So, are there any popular bands out there that fits my preference that I should be paying attention to, or any indie rock bands who have the potential to be the next great band?


Disclaimer: I'm not saying that whatever bands that I dislike suck.  I'm saying they do not fit my preference.


- -

Edit: Decided to make this easier for those who choose to reply.  I'd appreciate those with suggestions would first reply by typing.


Name Of Band

Notable Songs


And, please, don't literally type the above bold words. lol

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Two bands that I love to listen to are Death Cab for Cutie and Brandon Flowers. SO GOOD!

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