I don't normally do this, but I met a girl at the show on friday at Roseland, I asked her to take a photo of my and my friend infront of the stage with the band behind us. She took two photos for us. Then last night I ran into the same girl and she remembered me. I was hoping to ask her to dance during Pinkerton but I lost her once people started moshing during Getchoo.

Anyway, in a lame attempt at trying to get in touch with her again I' m posting this message in the hopes that she might come across this and reply.


So if you're reading this please let me know.

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That would make one awesome song. All we need is more lyrics to piece it together.


"you took a picture of me there, and i just couldn't help but stare."


Complete the song with a line of your own.

jKlein said:

That's so sweet. Good luck :)


Song should be like this:


If you're reading, please let me know. I want you to see how I love you so. I never believed in love at first sight until I saw you on Weezer's blue album night...




It should be called "Dance of reminisce"

Did you guys bone?
A superbowl ad would be pretty pricey.  How about a website or youtube video? :)

SPAZ-claus said:

that's an idea, but people were coming to the show from all over the place. she might not be from the tri-state area let alone one of the 5 boroughs.


I think you should buy an add during the superbowl

tinyknits said:

Is this the only site you've posted this message?  Try the Village Voice or CL?  Maybe someone she knows will see it and notify her.   It just seems too early to just give up if she really made that much of an impression on you.

~Hopeless Romantic

Supes said:

Cheers guys but alas, no luck.

Ah well. It was worth a shot!

LOL I actually was adding to mine too, Crackerjack! I may or may not post it tho. I've written a lot of poetry but I never post them anywhere.
u should ask karl to tweet this
Good idea! If she went to the concert, chances are she is a fan of weezer on fb and/or follows them on twitter.

pinecone said:
u should ask karl to tweet this
I don't think it's awful.  :)

CrackerJack said:

im writing a song about this now! Haha

Tell me...how awful is this



I dont believe in love at first sight

And i only met this girl one night

But this has put my beliefs to the test

This has put all my superstitions to rest

Hey Guys, im looking for a girl

we shared a moment, shared a joke

i was almost looking forward to meeting her folks

But when the moshing started, 

Somehow we were parted

your eyes looked faded, 

we were seperated

I cried out your name, i cried out in vaine


Do you think she remembers me?

Do you think that we could be?

I know, i know, i know its a long shot

But please help me out guys, shes all Ive got


Im only 16, drummer in a band, we have approx. 24 songs, i have written 2, so im not exactly experienced.  Just messing around, but i think was some (Alot) of work,  can make this alright. 



Well, you might never find this girl... such is life, but tinyknits seems kind of interested and cute.  don't let another opportunity pass you by....
This could be one of the coolest things we've ever done on these boards. Keep it going, guys. We've already got Rivers mildly interested in this subject so..you never know!

That's sweet but I've already been swept away in my own romantic story. 


As for this song idea, it could definitely go viral on youtube! 

Dungeon Master said:

Well, you might never find this girl... such is life, but tinyknits seems kind of interested and cute.  don't let another opportunity pass you by....
it becomes more and more exciting..good luck!!

Taylor Keefe and CrackerJack, good work :)

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