I don't normally do this, but I met a girl at the show on friday at Roseland, I asked her to take a photo of my and my friend infront of the stage with the band behind us. She took two photos for us. Then last night I ran into the same girl and she remembered me. I was hoping to ask her to dance during Pinkerton but I lost her once people started moshing during Getchoo.

Anyway, in a lame attempt at trying to get in touch with her again I' m posting this message in the hopes that she might come across this and reply.


So if you're reading this please let me know.

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I am so happy that you found each other. That's great.

Crackerjack said:

Who remembers this thread?


The romantics and anyone who happened to see the noticeboard in the foyer of Roseland Ballroom listing all the couples who met at the venue in its heyday and subsequently married.

what a story.  i can't believe you found her either.  you might want to delete this thread.  good luck!  and happy days ahead!
dude, congrats man! this is some epic shizz.

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