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And if any boardies here have video, upload asap please!

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Webisode or Bust imo
You could tell he was ready to play longtime because he almost skipped Suzanne and hash pipe XD

Which song did he drop the mic on? That was great. 
Falling For You.
holy fluck! one helluva performance of that song, the crowd adds to how epic it is
I should have been in Austin....
This was epic to see live and unexpected. Both shows were fantastic.
Badass! Definitely make a webisode of this please, Karl!

one of my absolute favorite songs.  I know it's a longshot, but I'd would love love love to see this when they come to Minnesota.  That would make a very happy child

From my vantage point.... 
This is outstanding. It's a good time to be a weezer fan. 

Best version I have found of it. Susanne is worth watching as well. And he cusses the first second of this so, heads up.

Dude..... YES!

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