Leno had a Hurley LP in his hand.
Pat is on electric. The song sounds really good live!!!!

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and the KILT......THe KILT!
The Kilt was legit!!!
I thought it sounded kind of funky. I couldn't hear Rivers at all. But I liked the added solo. Kind of odd where it was placed in the song though.

*might just be the speakers on my tv actually, which is why I couldn't hear him good*
i didn't particularly like it; rivers looks extremely awkward not playing guitar, i was hoping they were gonna stop doing that.
hopefully he will play it during the tour instead of Pat. Rivers needs that guitar man. It just looks so awesome!
sounded awesome when they played it live in san diego. excited to see this!
yeah, it had to be your speakers. his mic was twice as loud as anything else.
The solo was amazingly kool
can somebody please post a video of them on leno? i totally missed it.
Yes, but it was the white socks with the big black boots that completed the look. Classic coolness.

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