What gives I just got the Bootleg Weezer Live Dec. 17th at Roseland Blue Album cd and the back cover is photoshopped??
Rivers wasn't wearing that outfit he wore that in Boston. The front row is not from that night because I was in the front row!! Dead Center and I was photoshopped out too!!!! :(



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yes, they photoshopped a photo from the NY show to change rivers' outfit and to remove you from the front row.

it couldn't possibly be a photo from another show.

Ok Ok I was too hasty to post but I was next to those 2 girls in the front row in NY. Plus why use a photo from Boston for the NY gig?
post the photo.
Here is a pic of the NY show
uh yeah, you already posted that. i want to see the picture from the back cover.
Here it is....

so they used a picture from 12/18 instead of a picture from 12/17.



^^ what he said. That's my guess anyway. Those girls were probably at both nights.

kittens is a merciless killer of crimes.


i'd point out that those two girls aren't wearing the same clothes in the two pictures, but PHOTOSHOPPED!

Ali [mutantmanifesto] said:
^^ what he said. That's my guess anyway. Those girls were probably at both nights.

Yeah, uh, no. I was at Boston. That ain't Boston. Not even close.

Kittens is right. It's a Pinkerton Night photo (that's how he dressed at every location for Pinkerton night), which would be 12/18 in NY.

Tom S said:

Here it is....
Thanks for solving the mystery but why put a picture from 12/18 on the cover of the 12/17 show? Did anyone buy the 12/18 cd and have the back cover photo?

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