Does anyone have the Live in Hammond bootleg and can send me the mp3 of Undone. I just bought it from the store and the undone it downloaded was actually We Are All On Drugs and Undone is missing all together. I emailed the folks from the website but this has happened to me once before with another download and it took forever to get back.

If you have it and don't mind sending it to me it's much much appreciated! Thank You Guys.

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likely story, music pirate.

Mine had that issue but there were two tracks called "undone" and one was the correct one. I had to rename WAAOD. Maybe check for the other one labeled Undone? That was an incredible concert. :)

i had the same thing happen.  message me and i'll send it your way

Hey thanks a lot for the offer, I appreciate it, but they actually got back to me rather quick this time and sent me the missing track. This is the second time this has happend.. the first was with a Japan download where only half the album worked. I think Im gonna stick to just ordering the cds lol.

Gregor =w= Langbehn said:

i had the same thing happen.  message me and i'll send it your way

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