This is a local band in St. Louis called Freethinker, and the singer is a friend of mine.  Tell me what you think of this. I thought it was pretty f****** good but they don't believe me. Evening%20Light.mp3

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like/dislike?: dislike

suggestions?: get a bass player for pete's sake

This is their first officially produced mixtape.  Let me know if you guys like it.  (Part 1)


(Part 2)


(Part 3)


(Part 4)


(Part 5)


jesus, tell your friends to get a bandcamp or soundcloud or something. no one wants to download this s***.

You should be a professional music critic.  You seem to have a gift of great opinion.

He is.

but i didn't even mention the music...

well, yet. i found their reverbnation page where i could stream their songs. that drummer needs to either calm down or find a band that needs non-stop drum fills. the other two should just quit life. whatever "unheard of" style they think they're creating should probably remain unheard.

happy otter said:

 whatever "unheard of" style they think they're creating should probably remain unheard.

They're really just a high school garage band doing small time gigs.  I'm not asking anyone to like them just to give some reflective input with reason, not just unsupported opinion.  WHY do you feel like they sound like s***.

As for the "unheard of" style, you can hear influences of the Strokes in a lot of their music. (this statement is not to be interpreted to infer that they are as good as the strokes)

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