The hypothetical: You are kidnapped by a gang of pygmies, their slave ship encounters a horrible storm, you are hurled overboard and awaken on a desert island with a lone compact disc. Unfortunately, you've also suffered dane bramage and permanent amnesia due to colliding with a renegade gay walrus and thus your only memory of music of ANY sort will be on the compact disc you are carrying. Luckily, the last person to be stranded on your desert island left behind his solar powered CD player so you are good to go.

The question: If you could choose, which album would it be? And mind the twist- this will forever be your only knowledge or memory of music that you will ever have.


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Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, but only in mono.

If not on mono, I'll go with The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails.
Luckily for me, the last person stranded on this desert island is still here... it looks like John Lennon faked his death and escaped to solidarity. He has been writing songs for the past 30 years and I'm the only one who gets to hear them.

Fortunately the only cd I have is a CD-RW and this solar powered CD Player seems to be able to record with a built-in mic. We sing duets. John also apparently invented solar powered cd players (and compact discs in general) in the early 70s and kept it a secret because he liked the sound of vinyl better.
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue


Erik Satie - Piano Works
Any of Norah Jones' albums.
They Might Be Giants - Flood

but really it's a trick question because I don't use CD's anymore
It would have to be a CD mix made in a data format.
if you have two paper clips and one rubber band.....yes

crystal_iceburg said:
question: can i build a radio out of coconuts?
I think I'll go with Jimi Hendrix' Blues
It's one has said a Weezer album yet. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to go with Green Day's American Idiot. It has vital significance :) But I think The Blue Album would come in a close second.
Some interesting replies, especially from those trying to change the hypothetical hahaha.

Particularly interesting if you go by genre- remember, if you choose a rock album, you will know nothing of classical, blues, jazz, reggae, hip-hop, etc.

I'd be interested in seeing some more (genuine) replies. :)
the last resident of the island left instructions

fvck said:
i don't know that i'd be able to work a cd player, what with all the brain damage and amnesia.
I'd have to go with Paul McCartney's live album, Good Evening New York City

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