Love him or hate him (Love him :D) he belongs on the Memories tour, period. It would be morally wrong not to at least invite him. I can not even fathom Scott attempting to replicate the falsettos and the stage energy that only Matt could deliver. I think it would be insulting to us not to have him on the tour. What it all comes down to is that even now, Matt knows those songs better and truly just belongs. Scott was probably still blowing Vanilla Ice back then. And for all the Scott lovers out there, there is truly no hope for you. Can you honestly say you'd take that gold toothed fairy over Matt Freggin Sharp?

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I'm sorry. I was told you didn't require foreplay to perform such favors. I must have been misinformed.

kilgoretrout45 said:

Ouch! I am in lots of pain. Is this purgatory? Am I in hell? Am I being cursed by the great Jerry Blueperton Falwell or are you actually trying to flirt with me? Although I am not gay, I will take your flirtatious subtleties  as a compliment. 

Blueperton said:

Yet, still not capable of blowing as many dudes as you have...

kilgoretrout45 said:

trust is. Blueperton's intelligence is comparable to that of the "steaming curry's".   I suppose blooopurton thinks Tupac is still alive too, and thinks he should join the Jackson 5. 

CrackerJack said:

my intellectual capacity is far superior to yours.

Blueperton said:

Lol Nice XD
ya man,ifrivarz didnt ask matt on tour, he just needs to growe up! because it makes complet sens for varz to ask a formar member of the band to join them on tour when the hav a basist alreddy!!@!

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