mostly because i just got tickets to this:



other than that...

5/13 - john maus/geneva jacuzzi/holy s***!
5/27 - mount eerie
6/11 - timber timbre
6/12 - times new viking/king tuff


plus more later in the summer, but i need a reason to bump this thread again.


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Tonight I'm seeing Cage the Elephant, Florence + the Machine and the Black Keys.

Where you are you going, 'The Popular Indie Rock Mega Road show"?  I can't think of any other bands that went from "unknowns" to blowing up at around the same time as those 3.  Have fun!


I'm going to a Chip Tune open-mic/concert in Chicago on 7/17:

Radioactive said:

Tonight I'm seeing Cage the Elephant, Florence + the Machine and the Black Keys.
m83 tickets go on sale today for their show @ the music box on Nov 9.  I'm going to that
All I have coming up are local shows.

for me


7/16 (and potentially 7/15 as well if I can't unload my extra tickets): Paul McCartney

7/22: Ludo

7/28: Weezer

7/29: Weezer

saw eleanor friedberger do an in-store show at a record store this evening.
Ehm... I'm going to a local show tomorrow... yay!! I'm seeing the same band twice in a row... they're local but I LOVE these guys. A lot.
don't give us the name of the band or anything.
I'm thinking of going to the Michael Jackson Immortal Tour. I'm considering mainly because I just found out that some of the people who did work on MJs tours will be in the band performing. Could be interesting.
i'm seeing the ruto/whensday/nickykoro tour soon!
how did you get tickets???? I've been trying to get some, but it appears to be sold out :-(

green stool [berry] said:
i'm seeing the ruto/whensday/nickykoro tour soon!
awww, i like the lightning seeds.

Dr. B. Lurkom, PhD said:

I'm seeing the Lightning Seeds today.


I don't particularly like them but it's a free gig and of course any chance to sing "Three Lions" is gonna be taken.

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