Okay, so believe this record to be one the 50 greatest albums of all time(or a least the ninety-second) but, this album rarely gets, even in the weezer community, the credit it deserves. With the infectiousness of Dope Nose, Slob and Love Explotion to the experimentation of Space Rock and Fall Together to the beauty of December and Death And Destruction and all self produced you can't go wrong, magical. Anyway, what do you folks think of this underrated beauty? 

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Possibilities is my favorite track on Maladroit. It's just a 2 minute punk-sounding song. I can't think of any of their other songs that are like it.


GoodAssCheese said:

Yeah i love maladroit.

It's one of five =w= Lp's i can honestly say i do. Blue/Pinkerton/Red/Maladriot/Green.


Green was my first weezer album so it was really sweet to get such a quick follow up.

the loose pop-metal vibe and sound has its charms. I always come back to the more fun and goofy tracks like american gigolo,take control (love that solo) and fall together. Yeah it sounds pretty rushed an yeah i would replace a few tunes with some of the better unrealeased songs from that era.. but i just love them crunchy guitars. it's a 8/10 for me and 4th in the cannon


This would be my favorite Weezer album. Every song kix booty.Fave Weezer lps: Maladroit,Make Believe, Green. Hurley is really growing on me, its ahead of its time, but quite good, actually.

You ever heard of Pinkerton or the Blue Album? They're pretty decent.

Even though I'm glad someone else shares a mutual appritiation for Make Believe I'm with Gohi on this one.
By the way, Bronies and Diggs alike are invited to this discussion.

As much as I love Blue and Pinkerton I'm tired of everyone always going on about them, Weezer's post Pinkerton albums are still amazing and you all know this, but Green is my favourite and I like it much more than Blue and Pinkerton.

No. The closest they get to amazing is red and green. And you're really gonna talk about people always going on about albums when you never stop talking about Green? Lol. Come on, pal.
Are you being sarcastic? Green is way to compressed to one of weezer's great and it really take a musical dip around tracks 8 and 9

Well I was mostly talking about consensus. I don't like Green much at all. Sorry Hugh. I'm more of a Make Believe and Red kinda guy.

Eddie Burns said:

 its ahead of its time

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