Why not? To me this album has one of the strongest central themes of all Weezer's discography, the only problem is that it has a few undeniably weak tracks on it. What these tracks are probably varies from person to person. What also strikes me is that these weak tracks could've been easily replaced by three of very strong bonus tracks(Ms. Sweeney, Pig, The Spider). Going back to the theme, it's pretty evident that due to Weezer's then new status as an aging band, the album seems to revolve around what it means to be a man(Troublemaker, GMTEL, Automatic, Pork And Beans) and identity(The Angel And The One, Dreamin, Heart Songs). Anyway what do you guys think? This album seems to be universally loved.

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I personally love this album because of the creativity and diversity on the album. Acoustic, hip-hop, rock, choral, progressive rock, it's all there. To me this is their Sgt. Pepper or Revolver. This is the album I wish would get more attention. I love the flow, energy plus all of the vocal contributions. I'm also a big fan of "I thought I knew".

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