Let's rally for a Pinkerton show in Australia! #pinkerton4aus

Hi Australian fans,

Rivers has recently said in an interview that a Pinkerton show is a possibility for Australia if there's enough demand:

"I can tell you that we as a band would sure love to play a Pinkerton show and it's entirely up to the demand of the Australian audience," he says.
"If you do want to see a Pinkerton show please start chatting about it online and let the promoter know and hopefully we can add a Pinkerton show."

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/news/much-older-and-weezer/story-fnejnl1p-12...


So here's the plan:

  • Use your Twitter account (or make one) and tweet to @RiversCuomo, @Weezer and especially @ChuggEnt about how you'd love for there to be a Pinkerton show!
  • Use the hashtag #pinkerton4aus in your tweets
  • Favourite and retweet as many other #pinkerton4aus tweets as you can! https://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/%23pinkerton4aus
  • Support from fans who can't go to the show (including other countries) would also be appreciated


Hopefully, we can create enough commotion for Weezer and Chugg Entertainment to take notice.

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I'll be flying in from brisbane. see all you legends there! we rule. #pinkerton4aus

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