My least favourite:
Heart Songs, Everybody Get Dangerous and Where's My Sex?

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My Best Friend, Beverly Hills and Where's My Sex. Hands down.
Cold Dark World anyone?
Repeat of my post on old boards: Can't Stop Partying, Rad version. LW spoils it. I really like the Alone II version, and the video with Chamillionaire is pretty cool too.
Freak Me Out, Love is the Answer, Crab. Honestly, there's not much i dislike by Weezer, but those are the songs i skip whenever i listen to a Weezer album.

Dylan Notter said:
Cold Dark World anyone?
Spider is way too mopey for me. I never listen to it. In the mall isnt mopey but its not for me. Other than that there isnt much else i dont like!!
Heart Songs, Cold Dark World, and Love Is The Answer
Love Is The Answer, Can't Stop Partying, Everybody Get Dangerous and Crab
We Are All On Drugs
Freak Me Out, Love Is The Answer, and Trainwrecks
Where's My Sex?, Love is the Answer, Girl got Hot, I'm Your Daddy, Get Me Some, Cold Dark World and Bev. Hills are beyond redemption.

Alot of others mentioned here are bad too, but not on that level.
Why all the hate for Crab? I also read on Weezerpedia that it's a commonly cited least favorite, but I don't get it. I've always thought that song rawked and you've gotta dig it when the words "knickers" and "'t'aint" appear in the same song.

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