I dont know if there has been a topic about this but what would be your thoughts on your least favorite song on each album?
Mine would be:
Lets just say that you had to choose a least favorite.

Blue---Surf Wax America
Pinkerton---Why Bother?
Maladroit---Space Rock
Make Believe---Beverly Hills
Raditude---In The Mall
Hurley---Smart Girls
Death To False Metal---Everyone

Note: Based on the Regular albums, not deluxe editions

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Blue:only in dreams

Pinkerton: Across the Sea

Green: Dont Let Go

Maledroit: Space Rock

Make Believe: This is Such a Pity

Red: now i know im breaking the rule on this but im putting down the only songs that i think were good off that album bc in my opinion this wasnt a good album...the only good ones for me were troublemaker, dreamin, and thought i knew.

Raditude: Love is the Answer

Hurley: Trainwrecks

DTFM: I'm a Robot

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