I dont know if there has been a topic about this but what would be your thoughts on your least favorite song on each album?
Mine would be:
Lets just say that you had to choose a least favorite.

Blue---Surf Wax America
Pinkerton---Why Bother?
Maladroit---Space Rock
Make Believe---Beverly Hills
Raditude---In The Mall
Hurley---Smart Girls
Death To False Metal---Everyone

Note: Based on the Regular albums, not deluxe editions

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Pinkerton---El Scorcho
Green---Knock-Down Drag-Out
Maladroit---Space Rock
Make Believe---Beverly Hills
Raditude---In The Mall
Hurley---Brave New World
Death To False Metal---Trampoline
This is easy

Blue - Surf Wax America
Pinkerton - ...Tired Of Sex...? (The only hard one. I almost like all the songs the same)
Green - Crab
Maladroit - Take Control
Make Believe - My Best Friend
Red - Cold Dark World
Raditude - Can't Stop Partying (My least favorite Weezer song ever)
Hurley - Where's My Sex?
DTFM - Autopilot
The World
Why Bother
Beverly Hills
Heart Songs
In the Mall
Brave New World
Blue: Surf Wax America
Pinkerton: Why Bother?
Green: Knock-down Drag-out
Maladroit: December
Make Believe: My Best Friend
Red: Thought I Knew
Raditude: Love is the Answer
Hurley: Where's My Sex?
Death to False Metal: Everyone
- Holiday (still awesome)
- Getchoo (still awesome)
- Smile
- Death and Destruction (still pretty good)
- Beverly Hills
- Everybody Get Dangerous
- Can't Stop Partying
- Where's My Sex
- Everyone
Blue: Holiday
Pinkerton: El Scorcho
Green: Smile
Maladroit: Possibilities
Make Believe: Freak Me Out
Red: Automatic
Raditude: Tripping Down The Freeway
Hurley: Run Away
Death To False Metal: Losing My Mind/I'm A Robot (depends on my mood)
Blue- Holiday
Pink- No one else
Green- Crab
Maladroit- Idk, haven't listened to it that much
Make Believe- Beverly Hills
Red- Cold Dark World
Raditude- Girl Got Hot
Hurley- Same with maladroit.
I really don't dislike these songs, but when I listen to the album, I tend to skip over these most.
i do is on the uk version

Conner Petersen said:

Hugh Lovric said:
green - i do
blue - only in dreams (but im really not sure)
pinkerton - across the sea
raditude - love is the answer
maladroit - slave
hurley - time flies
DTFM - losing my mind
red - the angel and the one
make believe - the damage in your heart
but i still like all these songs there's just better ones on the album

I Do is not on the Green Album...and Across The Sea whaa...
Blue-World has turned




MB-Beverly Hills

Red-Cold Dark World

Rad-Can't stop partying 

Hurl-brave new world

Dtfm-Losing My mind

(The only ones I don't like are Cold dark world and Can't stop partying(although the alone version is good)
Based on Standard edition albums, people. don't you read?!?
Blue - No One Else
Pinkerton - Tired of Sex
Green - Hard to decide... but i'll go with Hash Pipe
Maladroit - Burndt Jamb
Make Believe - We Are All On Drugs
Red - The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
Raditude - Love Is The Answer
Hurley - Where's My Sex
Death To False Metal - I'm A Robot
Blue - Holiday
Pinkerton - No Other One (but honestly, I love all the tracks)
Green - Crab
Maladroit - Space Rock
Make Believe - We Are All On Drugs
Red - Dreamin' (controversial, maybe? Just find it a bit dull and like the experimentation on the songs people usually call out as weak)
Raditude - Love Is The Answer (Might be my least favourite weezer song)
Hurley - Trainwrecks
DTFM - Not listened to it much so far but I think I'd go for The Odd Couple
I honestly don't understand how anyone could list Across The Sea as Pinkerton's weakest track, I genuinely believe it's the best song Rivers has ever penned. Different strokes...

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