I dont know if there has been a topic about this but what would be your thoughts on your least favorite song on each album?
Mine would be:
Lets just say that you had to choose a least favorite.

Blue---Surf Wax America
Pinkerton---Why Bother?
Maladroit---Space Rock
Make Believe---Beverly Hills
Raditude---In The Mall
Hurley---Smart Girls
Death To False Metal---Everyone

Note: Based on the Regular albums, not deluxe editions

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make believe--freak me out

red--cold dark world

raditude--love is the answer

hurley--brave new world

-undone only because i played it out a long time ago, i'd say buddy holly but i actually still enjoy it on occasion

-pinkerton's a hard one, but no other one, i guess.  getchoo and why bother are probably my two favorites btw.

-island in the sun - never liked this song, even for a second.

-maybe dope nose?

-beverly hills

-cold dark world, easily

-can't much stand raditude in general, besides some of the bonus tracks

-smart girls.  only track on the album that reminded me of raditude.  which was good really, because i expected the album to be raditude pt 2.

Blue - Surf Wax America

Pinkerton - No Other One

Green - Don't Let Go

Maladroit - Death & Destruction

Make Believe - Freak Me Out

Red - Everybody Get Dangerous

Raditude - In The Mall

Hurley - Time Flies

Death to False Metal - Trampoline


Hard to choose worst songs on Blue & Pinkerton because I love them all.  But it's also hard to choose worst songs on Green and Raditude because they're all mostly terrible.

Blue-Only in Dreams or Holiday, not to say they suck, they're just my least fav on the album

Pinkerton-All of them? except Pink Triangle

Green Album-none

Maladroit-Dope nose, still like it, but its my least fav

Make Beleive-We Are all on drugs (see maladroits answer)

Red Album-Cold Dark World

Ratitude-In the Mall...just ewwwww

Hurley-Run Away, it just seems out of place

Death To False Metal-Everyone...just eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I only hate a single Weezer song:  Undone.  Everything else they've done is at least acceptable.
Blue - this is hard, but i guess i'll say Surf Wax America
Pinkerton - Getchoo
Green - Crab
Maladroit - Space Rock
Make Believe - We Are All On Drugs
Red - Cold Dark World
Raditude - In The Mall
Hurley - Smart Girls

Blue - My Name Is Jonas

Pinkerton - Hmm, I love every track but the one I listen to the least is Butterfly.

Green - Island In The Sun

Maladroit - Possibilities

MB - We Are All On Drugs

Red - Automatic (sorry, pat)

Raditude - Can't Stop Partying by a LONGSHOT.

Hurley - Smart Girls

DTFM - I guess I'd say Turning Up The Radio

Blue - Surf Wax America

Pinkerton - This one really doesn't have a bad one. Why Bother would be the least best, but it's still great. 

Green - O Girlfriend 

Maladroit - Dope Nose

Make Believe - My Best Friend 

Red - Everybody Get Dangerous 

Raditude - Can't Stop Partying 

Hurley - Smart Girls 

Death To False Metal - Everyone 

Blue - Undone

Pinkerton - Butterfly

Green - Don't Let Go

Maladroit - Possibilities

Make Believe - Freak Me Out

Red - The Angel & The One

Raditude - In The Mall

Hurley - Smart Girls

Death To False Metal - Everyone

No One Else
No Other One
Knock Down - Drag Out
Beverly Hills
Can't Stop Partying
Turning Up The Radio 

Blue - impossible to choose a least favorite, but if I had to pick, In the Garage

Pinkerton - Why Bother?

Green - Photograph

Maladroit - Space Rock

Make Believe - Beverly Hills

Red - Troublemaker

Raditude - In The Mall

Hurley - Brave New World

DTFM - Autopilot

sorry but you made some bad choices sir


anyway, heres mine


Buddy Holly

Getchoo (love every song on this album, hard to pick)

O Girlfriend

Space Rock


The Spider

Love is the Answer

Wheres My Sex

Havent listened to dtfm yet

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