I dont know if there has been a topic about this but what would be your thoughts on your least favorite song on each album?
Mine would be:
Lets just say that you had to choose a least favorite.

Blue---Surf Wax America
Pinkerton---Why Bother?
Maladroit---Space Rock
Make Believe---Beverly Hills
Raditude---In The Mall
Hurley---Smart Girls
Death To False Metal---Everyone

Note: Based on the Regular albums, not deluxe editions

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ekloot said:
Yeah, I have to question anyone's taste who think's Across the Sea is the weakest song on Pinkerton or that Angel and the One is the weakest song on Red. Those are a couple of the best songs on those albums. So is Cold Dark World better than Angel and The One?...or Automatic or Everybody Get Dangerous?...I seriously doubt it. Musical taste is obviously a matter of opinion so there are no wrong answers but I sometimes wonder what makes some people like or dislike different songs haha. I don't mean any disrepect to anyone...it's just interesting how people can have such differing opinions.

The Angel and the one is one of my favorite songs by =w= how could the majority of the songs on the red album be better than this gem!
Blue - Holiday
Pinkerton - Falling For You
Green - O Girlfriend
Maladroit - Death and Destruction
Make Believe - We Are All On Drugs
Red - Everybody Get Dangerous
Raditude - Let It All Hang Out (because of that godawful bridge)
Hurley - Run Away and Brave New World
Death To False Metal - Blowin' My Stack

Check it or wreck it.
Blue - Only In Dreams
Pinkerton - Getchoo
Green - Photograph
Maladroit - Death and Destruction
Make Believe - Freak Me Out
Red - Cold Dark World
Raditude - Love Is The Answer
Hurley - Where's My Sex?
Death To False Metal - Everyone
Buddy Holly
O Girlfriend
Space Rock
Beverly Hills
Pork N Beans
I'm your Daddy
Smart Girls
Undone (I don't hate it but I would say it's my least favourite)
Butterfly (^)
Beverly Hills
Cold Dark World
The Girl Got Hot
Smart Girls
Blue - The World Has Turned and Left Me Here (mediocre song on a great album)

Pinkerton - Getchoo (tough choice, as I have all the Pinkerton songs as 4 or 5 stars)

Green - Crab (the bottom-feeder of the 4 mediocre songs on the album)

Maladroit -Slave (hard choice, as this is album is mostly filled with mediocre songs)

Make Believe - We Are All On Drugs (easy pick)

Red - Thought I Knew (Other than King, the non-Rivers songs were weak. In fairness this album is awesome)

Raditude - Get Me Some (As bad as Can't Stop Partying and Love is the Answer are, Get Me Some is even worse.)

Hurley - Trainwrecks (This and Where's My Sex are the only questionable songs on the album)

Death To False Metal - Everyone (Might be my least favorite Weezer song ever)
What? I love Space Rock.
. Blue- Only In Dreams (I love it, but I might skip it if it came up on a shuffle)
Pinkerton- Butterfly (again, I love it, but I can't do without the rest of the album, and butterfly is like the beautiful epilogue to a perfect album.)
Green - Crab
Maladroit- December
Make Believe- Best Friend
Red- Everybody get Dangerous
Raditude- Love is the Answer
Hurley- Brave New World
Death to F M- Everybody
B Side- I do
So I know everyone has different musical tastes, so don't flame me:

Blue - Say It Aint So
Pink - El Schorcho
Green - Don't Let Go
Maladroit - Dope Nose
Make Believe - Beverly Hills
Red - Thought I Knew
Raditude - Love Is the Answer
Hurley - Where's My Sex
Death - Everyone

I really can't believe all the Only In Dreams that are listed on here. But then again, I put El Scorcho up
I'm switching Beverly Hills to We are all on Drugs after some thought
Buddy Holly
No Other One
Glorious Day
Space Rock
My Best Friend
Cold Dark World
In The Mall
Brave New World
Am I the only one who thinks "Everyone" is the best song on DTFM? I think this poll confirms that this may be.

I actually thought that Everyone would be my least favorite from listening to the samples, but I actually like it better than Trampoline (which I though would be my favorite)
In the Garage
I don't listen to the other albums enough to develop a least favorite...I have them, just don't feel like listening to them, Blue and Pink loop all day.

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