An upgrade from cassette to CD. Been meaning to get it for a while


Such a good album <3

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ya zola jesus is pretty great. really incredible live, too.

bought a few more used records today from a local bookstore.

gogogo airheart - love my life...hate my friends
milemarker - satanic versus
richard & linda thompson - shoot out the lights


also picked up will hermes' love goes to buildings on fire: five years in new york that changed music forever.

two used records i picked up recently:

the kiss-offs - goodbye private life
xiu xiu - chapel of the chimes

PJ Harvey - Let England Shake


Elliott Smith - Either/Or

cool story blurk

Chromatics - Kill for Love and Night Drive

excellent page so far. just got this in the mail:

no age w/ mandy kahn, brian roettinger, and aaron rose - collage culture


only 50 on purple vinyl... 

Album? I normally just buy random songs unless it's Weezer... so... actually... probably Death to False Metal.

get out.

St. Vincent - Marry Me and Actor.  Pre-ordered Stranger Mercy(Limited Edition)

Jack White - pre-ordered Blunderbuss

Surprised myself with a couple of vinyl purchases:

The Flaming Lips - The Flaming lips and Heady Fwends.  Impulsively picked up two copies.

Crystal Antlers - Two-Way Mirror + Son of the Mirror 10" Deluxe 

Just got Eve 6's new album "Speak In Code." Love it so far.

The Figgs - The Day Gravity Stopped

Pete Donnelly  - When You Come Home

Jovanotti - Ora

Screaming Females - Ugly

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