LAS VEGAS SHOW 1-21 Blue/Pinkerton ONE NITE. I am coming to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait for this both albums in one nite.

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i will attend this event

Where'd you see this?

cool story bro.

I don't have an Amex card so I can't get tickets until Saturday.
Nice. Thanks. Cause I think this will sell out fast.

Thanks for the password!  I'm sure it'll sell out fast too, especially floor tix.

Ugh, $20 convenience fees, what a load.


The Joint has a capacity of 4000, I don't think they are gonna sell that out.


At least not anytime soon.

Sold out Chicago both nights and that was 4500.

I'm pretty sure it didn't sell out right away, and you have to remember Chicago is the third largest city in the States.


I'm willing to bet there will still be tickets available in 2011.


It's Vegas, baby.

Chicago sold out in 10 minutes. I had to buy on stub hub

Have a feeling it's gonna go fast.  BOTH albums in 1 show, mainly GA, and a pretty low price considering what you get.  The LA shows were sold out and capacity was 6000+ x2 nights.

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