First of all, awesome show, opening band was "Best Coast" and they were good and when Weezer finally came out, they totally rocked the place. The only complaint that I would have is that they didn't play JAMIE. I was really looking forward to hearing that song live.

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They played Susanne and YGYLTMS on Night #2! It was amazing!

Ricardo Mendez said:
did they play Susanne??
LA Pinkerton Night 11.27.10

Pork and Beans
The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
Perfect Situation with Jorge Garcia
Dope Nose (Scott sings Rivers guitar)
Island in the Sun with Best Coast girl again
Hash Pipe
You Gave Your Love to me Softly
Only in Dreams
---Intermission with Karl slideshow (he was actually spotlighted at the soundboard not backstage)
You're right - I recant my statement. I'm so lucky that I got to go both nights! Even though they repeated a few songs tonight, I totally didn't care! They more than made up for it! I would love it if they would release a DVD because I wish I could relive this experience over and over.

Teppei Ando said:
Hmm, I don't agree. I wouldn't consider playing a song, from the other night's album during their Greatest hits set, as repeating songs. I would think it would be weird if they didn't play at least one song of Blue on Pinkerton Night, and one Pinkerton on Blue night, during the Greatest Hits list.

My brother went to the Blue show in LA last night, and he was disappointed that he wasn't going to be able to make it to Pinkerton as well. But he said he was really joyous when he heard the opening guitar to Falling For You, and that made it a extremely satisfying show. It would totally suck if you could only go to one night, and you heard songs from every one of the albums but they just skipped over playing a song from the other album, which is probably your 2nd favorite album. Not for my brother, Pinkerton is his favorite, but he could only find friends to go with him om the Blue album night.

Me and my roommate found 2 groups of friends for each night. Yeay. Its like 2 whole Weezer themed parties. And I wouldn't mind hearing Falling for You or any other song from those albums twice.

Jessica Gutierrez said:
I had an awesome time last night and can't wait for tonight's show. But I thought the same thing as you when they played Falling For You. On one hand I was super excited since I love that song and I've never seen them play it live. On the other hand I kept thinking, "hey! they're not supposed to repeat songs!"

Stefan P'Pool JR said:
I heard the show was crazy! I can't wait to see it in chicago! I was surprised to see a falling for you on the set list for tba. I thought rivers said they wouldn't play a song twice in the two nights? Anyhow the set list looks awesome and it's cool they wore the same outfits from the album!
I was there on friday and damm what a great show., Best weezer show yet that i've seen. Lets hope for a dvd of night 1 and 2. I took my 15 yr. old brother and we were rocking out in the pit. Lets' hope they come back to LA. Have a great tour fellas.
Both shows were SO good! It's was amazing, the first night was the best concert of any band I've seen in a really long time. The World Has Turned & Left Me Here was f'ing great. I heard Only in Dreams once back in '01 and I've been waiting since then to hear it again, then I finally got it 2 nights in a row.. incredible!! I loved it, that was such a great weekend. I hope someone recorded the sound and posts it. I'm uploading my Only in Dreams video right now...
"Jamie" is such a cool song - other than that, i am jealous! the whole blue nice one! :)

Ricardo Mendez said:
It's important to say that everyone who attended the show watched the band performing "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here"for the first time in 13 years, you're so lucky
do you have a link for your videos?

Lori_G said:
hey guys

i have a bunch of pretty good quality vids on my page/ youtube

i havent finished loading all of them yet but i definitely will be putting them up!

check 'em out if ya want!
is there a good audio bootleg out there of night 1??
only in dreams as a closer will go down as my best live music moment ever
You guys who went are lucky. I want to go to one of the New York shows so bad. Peferrably the Blue Album show.

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