First of all, awesome show, opening band was "Best Coast" and they were good and when Weezer finally came out, they totally rocked the place. The only complaint that I would have is that they didn't play JAMIE. I was really looking forward to hearing that song live.

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I heard the show was crazy! I can't wait to see it in chicago! I was surprised to see a falling for you on the set list for tba. I thought rivers said they wouldn't play a song twice in the two nights? Anyhow the set list looks awesome and it's cool they wore the same outfits from the album!
just watched a couple videos and it looks like scott was wearing matt's clothes too....that's creepy and really not cool.
VIP was definitely worth it. and yeah, they let cameras in.
Same here!
I've seen several people talk about youtube videos.. where are these at?

Dorian Zelaya said:
i cant find any videos ;(
Nevermind, I found them. OMG. They did SO GOOD!!! Holy moly I can't wait until I go.

Dorian Zelaya said:
can you give me a link??

Only in Dreams-
Thanks for the post!
Just go to youtube and type in weezer memories or probably just weezer and click "Options" and click "date uploaded" and it'll show you the most recent and most of them are from the concert :)

Dorian Zelaya said:
can you give me a link??
How long was the break? What were the set times?
I am jealous...I am jealous...I am jealous...I am jealous...I am jealous...
no they didn't.

Ricardo Mendez said:
did they play Susanne??
They let you use them just make sure they don't see them when you're making line to get in.

trainwrecked said:
I know this is random but I am going to tonights show and was wondering if they let cameras in or do you have to sneak them in.

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