I'm I the only one that thinks the second verse in King is just hilarious?! The insults said in that verse are just so lame, childish, but yet so awesome! Man, King is such a great song! Haha!


What do you guys think about it?

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I'm certainly not fond of the lyrics, but I do think the melody is fine, and the song as a whole is at least better than Cold Dark World.  Easily worst of the Red bonus songs though.

easily my 2nd favorite song on Red, next to Angel and the One.


I just love how pissed off Scott sounds, and imagining him singing it in the recording studio with a tooth pick in his mouth is a great thought.

One of the best red album songs...
Life is so easy, pleasant and dreamy.... I love that line, and it is cool because it is in a song that isn't really about that.
Belgium HAS a KING

edgey44 said:
belgium had BUNS and POIROT, both of which are better than kings, imo.

Jens Van Avondt said:
Belgium HAS a KING

edgey44 said:
The lyrics are stupid, but the live AOL sessions version rocks.
The version they did for MTV is king imo.

King's a pretty alright song. I think the bridge is pretty, I love the tasteful electric guitar and the chorus melody is very catchy. Unfortunately, like most good songs of this era, the good aspects are marred by a few not-so-good aspects; I'm definitely not a fan of the lyrics. Scott's delivery isn't painful, but I'd definitely prefer to have Rivers singing on this one.

Humpty Dumpty said:
The lyrics are stupid, but the live AOL sessions version rocks.

I absolutely love this song.


I'm mad they didn't release this as a single. It doesn't really sound like a "Weezer" song because Rivers isn't on vocals but I think it would have done well on the radio.


Also I'm glad Scott did the lead on this, his voice sounds more convincing singing a song about whupping some ass, if Rivers sung on it it would have come off as more Jokey/Ironic

I always thought the song was meant to be ironic and funny so Scott singing kind of ruins that whole side of the song for me.

As for the radio comment... gonna have to lol at that one.

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