Did anyone else who ordered the Kii Arens Weezer posters receive them yet? Got mine in the mail last Friday and am quite impressed with the quality of the lithos. The Madison Square Garden (Rivers’ car) and the Indonesia (owl) ones are on a nice heavy watercolor-paper type textured stock; the Forum (Trouble board game) and OC Fair (jukebox) ones are on a slightly thinner, smooth stock, with nice use of spot UV, giving it a cool depth.


((In answer to the tax thread, I guess you could say this is how I spent some of my tax return (hahs)) 

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I haven't bought any, but the Trouble game and jukebox ones look great. I love that jukebox one in particular.

i just got my 2013 OC Fair & the 2008 Forum posters in the mail.  with shipping and taxes it came to $74 for two posters, which is definitely pricey, but they are actually REALLY nice and they look great.

i'll buy more if they come out with them for future shows (or even for past shows, which is kinda funny but also kinda cool in a way - very typical of weezer to release a poster for a show 5 years after it happened LOL)

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