Just listening to Keep Fishin'.

At about 2:14 a weird voice starts doing backing vocals (far right in the earpiece). Then is start talking.

Does anyone know what's being said?

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First he repeats "You'll never be" and "A better kind" then I think he says "woah". I can't tell what is said after that.
maladroit or the radio version? and are we talk the whoo whoo version?
its kermit the frog that is singing it
it says, "you'll never be a better kind, whoah, get a job, _____ at home, why don't you wait and see, yeah they'll see" thats about all i can get from it, and yes, i got maladroit out and listened to it for you xD
I have no idea

God forbid someone should post something on the internet with a typo.



That's not cool.

I removed the offensive part from Wilford Brimley (shoelessthunder)'s reply and also their quote in tinyknit's response.


Let's keep this about musical discussion please.



Something about buying a boat.
shut up Taylor.


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