I finally got a job interview set up for Thursday at 11:30 A.M. on Thursday for a place called Caribou Coffee. Have any of you ever worked in a coffee shop? I know our own Wilford Brimley has or still does work for Starbucks but that is pretty different from Caribou Coffee.


What was your favorite job you've ever had? What was the worst?

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Nothing all that interesting. Just the same old "tell me a time when you had to provide excellent customer service" and "what kind of animal are you?" questions. I said I was an Elephant because they have excellent memory, they're very social and intelligent. It was tough not to bring up my d*** at that point.

brofessefef said:


Any interesting questions asked in the interview?  I think one of the best answers I've given to a tricky question went like this:


Previous employer:  Ok, we've spoken for a while and you've told me how great you are in various aspects of work.  Now, tell me your worst attribute and how this affects your work.


Me: (tempted to say "well, I can get a bit rapey..) "Oh, I'd say delegation is my poorest skill.  I understand that it is important to delegate certain aspects of my workload in order to both help meet deadlines and improve the skillset of my staff while making them feel trusted and valued.  However, as I like to be aware of all aspects of a project until completion I sometimes have a tendancy to take everything onboard.  While I still ensure that I hit my deadlines, I accept that better delegation from the outset would make my life less stressful.


I love job interviews.



G Foo's advice totally worked like a charm.

F*** yeah I am employed.

Thx kitkat (not to be confused with natkat)
well done!

Gohi said:

G Foo's advice totally worked like a charm.

F*** yeah I am employed.

nature holidays, hahaha
By G Foo I mean Gregor. Whoops.

Why drinking coffee makes women full of beans

Women who drink coffee are happier – and prone to other vices too. Surely there's a connection here



women drinking coffee

New research shows that women who drink four cups of coffee a day have a 20% lower risk of depression than non-drinkers. Photograph: Ace Stock Limited/Alamy
Gohi Gives Women Coffee =
Gohi Makes Women Happy 
Now I also get a thank you ?
picked the right job GO YOU
Natkat128 said:
Gohi Gives Women Coffee =
Gohi Makes Women Happy 
Gohi gets sex
Hot dog! I do have a crush on a mall employee (nobody I work with, thankfully)

it's amazing how much fun you can have with some spray paint and a pothole 

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