I finally got a job interview set up for Thursday at 11:30 A.M. on Thursday for a place called Caribou Coffee. Have any of you ever worked in a coffee shop? I know our own Wilford Brimley has or still does work for Starbucks but that is pretty different from Caribou Coffee.


What was your favorite job you've ever had? What was the worst?

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"working is something every man should do, working gives one a sense of pride, a sense of purpose. some days can be tough but knowing that there is some food and a bed at the end of a working day, it just doesn't makes it all worthwhile" - Jordan Edge II  - 1927
I assume "doesn't" is a typo :p
that is the actual quote

Gohi said:
I assume "doesn't" is a typo :p

but seriously, i hope you get the job mate.


best of luck to you.

Thank you. It's been a tough coupla months.

Good luck!


My favorite job was opening my own bakery. It was hard work, but well worth it in the end. I can't think of a job that I've had that I actually hated.


nice tags


I've only had 2 jobs. I was a stock-boy at a local store when I was in High School.

I wasn't allowed to answer the phone because I sounded too apathetic.

But my boss bought lunch everyday, and basically all the money I made went to cd's and beer...good times

My favorite job is the one I work at now and have worked at on and off for the past 6 years.  I test drive inboard/outboard boat engines for Volvo Penta.  I basically get sent out in a boat and try to break it all day...then I try to fix it...if I can't fix it out on the water I call another test driver to tow me in while I nap or read a book. 

Here is a short article I recently found about the test center that I work at: Volvo Penta

(the security is a bit exaggerated)


My worst job was a waiter at IHOP......enough said.


Luigi-sp26 said:

My worst job was a waiter at IHOP......enough said.

Worst job was frying balls..........................at a falafel and pizza place

Best job-I would say seatfiller but I don't think that counts so I'll go with my current one as a ped OT.

It is exhausting but also fun and rewarding. 

Good Luck!



Two foods that should never be served in the same restaurant...


Natkat128 said:

falafel and pizza place


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