Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News - Coachella 2013 edition

lol I never understand why the people Kimmel gets for these Lie Witness News segments always think they will get away with it. If you don't know about something, just say so; no shame in that, and esp. don't get recorded pretending you know! I'm kind of embarrassed for them watching the video haha

"So one of my favorite bands this year is called Get The F* Out of My Pool" "YEAH, actually, uh yeah I heard from my friends, I don't know their music but I heard from my friends it's not something to be missed" Nope, can't miss something that doesn't exist LOL

The Chelsea Clintons! The Regis and the Philbins! We should...totally get them on board the cruise lineup. Stat. ;) 


Tags: Coachella, Kimmel, derp, doh, fake bands, lies, music festival, wut

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sorry here's video embedded

Welcome to planet earth. 

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