Lately I've been listening to Jimmy Eat World a lot and I never realized how good they are. I know most people only know "The Middle" but they are so much better than that. Futures and Clarity are two of my most favorite albums of all time. I also really like Bleed American and their new album Invented. I get to see them live in Atlantic City in February so anyone who has seen them live I'd like to know what they played and how they were.


For anyone who's already a fan give your favorite album by them or song or whatever. If you haven't heard anything other than "The Middle" take a listen.

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I think we can all agree that Clarity is their best album with Bleed American and Futures close behind. And that Chase This Light wasn't as good. As for Invented well not enough people have heard it to decide. That's what most have said so it really isn't a debate. As for TBS and The Used I like both and have seen both live. Jimmy Eat World came before both and are the original founders (along with a few other bands) of modern day emo.

Next big thing said:
at least agree to disagree and not turn every single forum discussion into a debate. It seems that is all anyone in forums do.  Annoying.
I like all three a lot.

Michael Nguyen said:


P.S. I know this is quite random but any BIG fans of JEW, The killers, and Weezer all together?

I've met a few people who like JEW/Weezer or Weezer/The Killers but anyone like those 3 bands ALOT?

MESSAGE ME to show I"m not ALONE!! hahhahaha


futures is my favorite JEW album, with static prevails and clarity tying at second. futures is just a goddamn beautiful album. i saw the chicago show for their Clarity X10 tour back in 08, and it was frickin amazing. probably one of the best shows i have ever been to. and the guys are SO NICE. always willing to take pics and sign things if you show up early enough, and zach (the drummer) even brought my friends and i coffee when he saw how cold we were standing outside. 


also, to stephen: if you have not seen them live before, this is important...stand as close to front and a little bit off center as possible and rock out as much as you can, because after the last song of the encore, zach always comes up and personally hands his drumsticks to the kid or kids who were rocking out the hardest. i have one of his sticks from the clarity x10 show in chicago because of this :)



you are missing the point of the internet.

Next big thing said:

Some people on this forum just go way overboard when it comes to discussing bands. Why can't we just be like" Yeah Jimmy eat world is a good band" instead of "well this album was good and this album was bad, I'm a complete douche bag". Sometimes I wish I had the ability to appear in front of you guys and just slap you.


All of Jimmy eat World is Genius.

I am seeing them this month for the first time. My favorite album is either Clarity or Bleed American. It depends what I'm in the mood for.

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