It was a documentary of my life. The explosion didn't kill me, it merely angered me. So I layed low for a few shitty sequels, watched all my shark bros get r**** by land peoples over and over. 

These last few decades I have spent plotting. I have evolved. I can survive out of water. I just killed some retard who had his laptop on the beach. Ate the C***. He had wireless so I used my internet scanner to find the forum most likely to not give a s*** about sharks. was the result.

So what do you have against us shark folk? Is it our teeth? Think how I feel. Wisdom teeth are growing, hurts like f***. I'm here to do one thing - make you all pay for your shark hate.

Look behind you right now. There's nothing there, but one time there will be a pissed off shark. And you s*** bricks.

Tags: anus, badassery, berryrydell, fuckyouimashark, sharks, spielberg, tuna, vengence, whores

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who told you that i s*** bricks?

jared is a weird name for a shark.

so was the dude on the beach the previous owner of this account? that really worked out in your favour.

Sharks love you and harry, Zayn. We listen to your music regularly, and have agreed One Direction shall be spared

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