What is with this, and what's so different about it? I listen to some previews and they don't sound that different. Are the interviews really worth $15? And why has no one in the band said anything about this?

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I just bought the single Kids/Pokerface. I don't wanna spend 15 bucks on songs I already have with interviews I can most likely find on youtube.
also features 5 songs they re-recorded with iTunes adding HORRENDOUS autotuning to rivers. OH, but can't stop partying version is unique to this and is pretty darn good.
yeah, but he's right.

its that people here don't really about reading the treads that are here and just post new threads about the same topic. we ended with 3 or 4 threads about dtfm. enough is enough! if you're not really reading the forum than don't bother posting.

Dylan West said:

I know it's been said before, but I need to say it again. Everything you say is really condescending and obnoxious. You need to stop.

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