Its a sad day when a college graduate cant get a job at McDonalds or Walmart. I need a crap job for a year, 1 year, and if you had bothered to read my (that is IF you can read) my application you would see that I am not at all interested in climbing the walmart corporate ladder and snatching your oh so preciouse shift manager position away from you. Did you not notice how I asked for $6.25 an hour? Yes, I do understand that at my last job I made $15.00/hr after taxes, but I am willing to settle for min wage. Did you also notice I only want to work part time? That means you dont even have to give me benefits! Having a college degree means I wont stare at problems like some grouper fish stuck in a cooler. It means I have the ability to solve problems and complete tasks in the appropriate manner.

Ex. Put these in order:
A. Hand "food" to customer.
B. take money.
C. Greet customer.
D. Repeat.
E. Listen to gobbly g*** comming out of customers mouth.

Wuahha! Not brain surgery people!

What the heck!


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You are over qualified for the job, so they won't hire you.


did you tell them it's just for a year? if you did, what jon says is probably true. large corporations put employees - even if they're just part-time burger flippers or shelf stackers - through training programs which take time and money. if they doubt you're interested in hanging around, they're unlikely to waste the time and effort to train you, no matter what your qualifications.

brofessefef said:

 Walmart manager:  "Oh, so you want me to give you a job, pay for a uniform and the time and manpower spent training you so that you can hang around for a year and leave this crappy job for a "proper" job?  Nah, I think I'll hire someone who wants to stick around and build a career with us."

Berry and Brof are right.  Never apply for a job and tell them you only want to work for a year.


Might I suggest waiting tables (make better money), or apply at Target, but don't tell them your 1 year limit. Target is a lesser evil than Wal-Mart, but only slightly.


Also, look for a night-shift position.  Employers usually have the hardest times filling those roles.


I could get you a job if you want to live in Michigan, but have to live in Michigan

I can't beat the other pimps down, but I know how to avoid their corners.


brofessefef said:

....and you'd have to be happy with Gregor as your pimp.


I hear he's reasonable, but the protection isn't up to what the other pimps in the area provide.

passive aggressive pimping..... now there's a career:)

brofessefef said:


In addition, you seem rather condescending.


+1 (but the "grouper fish stuck in a cooler" comment was pretty f@#$ing classic)


For what it's worth: After 15 years of working in a corporate environment with members of both ends of the spectrum, I've observed that extended education is no match for a positive attitude, humility, and a decent work ethic. Best of luck to you.

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