ATNWers, I ask that you give my radio show a chance.

Check me out every Tuesday at 7PM eastern time streaming here.


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43 minute bump!
Had to leave after the Grizzly Bear track. What song did you play?
Ocean Breathes Salty - Modest Mouse came next.

bump for streaming Foo Fighter's Medium Rare tonight. 7 hours.

next week i can listen for the first time \o/ 

Well then next tuesday, I'll send you a shout out.

ahh yeah 

G Foo Chombey said:

Well then next tuesday, I'll send you a shout out.

I listened to the last half, Chombey.  California didn't come up on your radar?

It did not! Strange...but sometimes it won't register listeners.

can i request some Queen for tonight.

pretty please 

If only you had told me yesterday! The librarian collects music for shows on Monday nights. If there's time and a good song in our library, I'll get it out though.

Final bump of the semester. 20 minutes until holiday spirit.

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