so there i was just out and about working, i needed a piss and thought i would wait until i finished doing what i was doing. I got back to my car and headed off somewhere else hoping to find a petrol station on the way or a shop/ bus stop... or a bush, i didn't get chance to do my thing as the road was busy (i was wearing my work gear and didn't want to get spotted). I found two shops, one didn't have a toilet and the owner of the other couldn't speak English. i just kept waiting and carried on working but 3 hours later i felt like my bladder was going to burst... it was at this point that i started looking for a nice backstreet to relieve myself, the first few i went in had builders and binmen in them. then i found a empty one. i put my work tablet computer thing on a bin and started to have the best piss of my life (with a big sigh of relief thrown in too)

i heard a noise, then a lass walked out of a back door about 5m to my right, so i had to change my stance and move 'myself' away from her sight, she look at me with disgust. after a 10second silence i just zipped up, wiped my hands down my jeans grabbed my computer and i said to her "sorry lass, i just had to go... happens to the best of us" she did manage a slight laugh. i then walked around the corner and realised i pissed all over my shoes..... great!


not that you wanted to know any of that, but have you had any 'happens to the best of us' moments?

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edgisode that s***!

ha ha 'pissyshoes'

Why, just last night I got away with this same deed. Though it was at about 6 at night so it was dark...

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