I'm not sure how long some of you have been on here, but about two years ago I pitched an idea about a Weezer musical to this forum. The feedback wasn't great. Someone sent me a link to someone else who had a Weezer musical idea, although the other idea was a lot darker. A lot of people made fun of me. There were a few who did offer me some constructive criticism, though. They told me that I should take some classes before attempting a project this big.

Well, two years later, I've completed two years of college as a theatre major, and just received an A in advanced playwriting. I more than likely still have a very long way to go, but I think I've learned enough to at least start working on this again. 

So, let me just give a brief description of what I'm going for:

Island In The Sun: A Weezer Musical is a romantic comedy following 5 teens during their senior year of highschool. It encompasses the elements that teens go through as they're growing up: peer pressure, sexual experimentation, and a fear of the unknown. The characters, while over-the-top, are lovable in their own quirky ways. This musical uses songs mainly from the Green and Blue albums because they have a more fun, upbeat feel to them. 

I had a draft from two summers ago saved on my computer, and I just finished looking through it. You guys were right, it definitely needs a lot of work before I even consider sending it anywhere. Let me know what you guys think. Feedback is always nice!

- Shelby Vicino

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wow you're really reaching here. i'm pretty sure i wasn't praising that other idea, but if you want to find a post of mine that suggests otherwise then go for it.

Exactly. You didn't praise the other idea, but you didn't slam it either. You didn't mind the other idea, but you are SO SURE that mine is "s***." 

Even though mine actually has the songs placed in spots and situations where they would make sense, and in the other one, the main character was busting out into "My Name is Jonas" on a date. 



will it make you feel better if i retroactively state that his idea was shitty too? i mean, i didn't realize i would one day be held accountable for my not being rude enough in a thread about a shitty weezer musical. at least next time this happens the aspiring playwright won't be able to use such solid evidence to brush away criticism.

Well, I didn't realize that I would be target by the same guy from 2 years ago. 

My guess is that maybe you just don't like musicals. That's fine, but you don't have to s*** all over people who do/ are interested in writing them.

i like that we've progressed from "sexist" to "just doesn't like musicals."

still wrong, though, but we're getting somewhere.

No, I still totally think you might be sexist, but now I also think you just don't like musicals. 
Do you just not like musicals that are written from popular bands/songs? Because once again, that's great for you, but I actually enjoy most of the musicals I've seen that include music from popular bands/music.

are you assuming i don't like musicals because i'm a man? that seems, i don't know, maybe a little sexist.


or are you assuming that because i don't like your musical (or to be technical, your idea for a musical), then i must hate all musicals, because your own musical is so good that to hate it would be to hate all musicals ever. in that case you should probably get over yourself.


No, I'm assuming you don't like musicals because you don't like musicals. Plenty of men like musicals, you just don't seem to be one of them. I think you're sexist because you're being extremely rude and condescending towards me, but not to any guys pitching musical ideas/ guys in general. 

Once again, what do you know about my musica besides, "It's a comedy about surfers in high school with Weezer songs." Nothing. You know, because there have been NO funny movies or plays about high school students. Ever. You really don't know enough about my musical to hate it and think it's "s***." And I still don't see why you're being such a d*** to a fellow Weezer fan. 

you're really working hard to discredit anyone who dares not to like your idea.

i think i'm beginning to understand why all your friends told you they liked it.


well, i mean that and the fact that they are weezer fans, and thus have bad taste to begin with.

Ohhhhhh, you don't like Weezer....Then why have you been religiously replying to things on the Weezer forums for over 2 years? I mean, I get that we all check out things we don't like out of curiosity, but 2 years? C'mon man.

Sorry for the misunderstanding Shelby, I was telling the guy who constantly changes his name to die. At least you're doing SOMETHING productive. He and Placemats are just schoolyard bullies, and they tell me I have a "complex" because I tell them they're being dickheads.

Oh, thank god. I was honestly so upset that someone told me to die because I want to write a musical haha. 


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